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Low Power FM, (LPFM,) radio service, was created by the Federal Communications Commission in January 2000.

These stations are authorized for noncommercial and educational broadcasting only (no commercial operation.) They operate with an effective radiated power (ERP) of 100 watts (0.1 kilowatts) or less, with maximum facilities of 100 watts ERP at 30 meters (100 feet) antenna height above average terrain (HAAT).

We operate at 10 milliwatts, (10 mW,) and provide legal & currently unlicensed neighborhood service.

The LPFM service under Part 15 of the regulation is currently under review and may change in the near future. We may be forced to give up our unlicensed broadcast rights in the FM segment of the radio spectrum because of commercial and institutional broadcaster's objections. The review process is anticipated to take a year or two and will entail congressional meetings and input.

Should LPFM be removed from the unlicensed radio spectrum we will migrate to LPAM. At present there are no plans or reviews in the works to remove LPAM from the legal and unlicensed radio spectrum.

Low Power Amplitude Modulation offers several advantages over Low Power Frequency Modulation. It has a greater range in the daytime, it offers better reception to a range of receivers, and it is not under review for licensing. It has one major disadvantage - transmitters and station equipment are far more expensive than for LPFM.

As changes in this new neighborhood radio service take place you can be assured that we will continue to bring you the programming that you want. Should the need to migrate to LPAM force itself upon us, we will comply.

Yellowstone Free radio shall continue to broadcast as long as you continue to listen. Studios
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