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The very best in vintage, old-time, and contemporary programming is available every day - all day and night.

SUNDAY MORNING: Quiet and gentle programming is our standard fare for your day of rest. Baroque Music, Church Hymns, Classical Guitar, Symphonic Performances, and other bits of salubrious programming await your morning listening.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: A mix of Comedy, Contemporary Talk, Classical Music, and Current events of the week, (now and in the past,) are delivered over the air for the neighborhood.

SUNDAY EVENING: Your Sunday Serenade brings music from the great vocalists of radio. The Andrew Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Dina Shore, and others salute the evening with timeless melodies. Late night ushers in some mysteries and adventure shows to fall asleep to.

MONDAY MAHEM: This is the day to start the week with. Lively programs such as G.I. Jive, Now Hear This, Car Talk, Cowboy Serenades, and special surprises decorate our daytime programs. The neighborhood awakens to just a bit of chaos that is fitting for our work-a-day world on a Monday morning.

MONDAY EVENING AND LATE NIGHT: This is the time for some real relaxation. You've made it through the usual catastrophes that Monday can bring. You've done well and started the week with a bang. Now relax to some Big Band sounds. Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Guy Lombardo, ........

TUESDAY MORNING: To soften your transition from Monday's mayhem into the work-a-day world we bring you classical music from around the world.

Baroque music is one of our standbys. Classical guitar from the Spanish plains, Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, and other exceptional composers and performers will get you through the day.

TUESDAY EVENING AND LATE NIGHT: This is the time reserved for local talent, listener requests, contemporary radio from other 'Low Power' stations, and a potpourri of other programs. You will be enchanted and fully engaged in the Tuesday late night programs.

Frequently we broadcast a baseball game, football game, boxing match, or horse race from the past. These are not just random events  --  they are classics that have endured in legend and myth. The immortal participants are indeed  legendary and form a part of the vocabulary of each sport.

Enjoy the classic moments, as they were broadcast, and not as they were retold by other aficionados. Listen to the most exciting no-score football game in history. Hear the call when the Kentucky Derby time record was set. Let the legends tickle your ears and brain.

WEDNESDAY MORNING: WESTERN WEDNESDAY - All day and all night you will experience the best of classical western programming. During the morning and into the late afternoon we schedule cowboy music, cowboy poetry, and some cowboy talk.

The 30's, 40's, & 50's were not ashamed to talk about cowboy music. Today it's often called "Country and Western." The sad transition to this modern genre of music has lost the flavor of the open range and the soul of cowboy music. We bring it back to you with the likes of Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Roy Acuff, Woody Guthrie, Ken Maynard, The Sons Of The Pioneers, and others.

WEDNESDAY EVENING AND LATE NIGHT: This is the time for adventure, comedy, suspense, and excitement. Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Death Valley Days, Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon, Red Ryder & Little Beaver, and many other heroes and villains of the old west come to life between your ears as we are not afraid to bring you cowboy and western shows.

THURSDAY MORNING: This is the day for comedy. You've made it over the hump and it's time to laugh a little. Gentle and frivolous comedy holds sway during the morning and afternoon. Burns & Allen, Ozzie & Harriet, Arthur Godfrey, and others allow a bit of levity into the grind toward the weekend.

THURSDAY EVENING AND LATE NIGHT: The beginning of mystery, detective, and adventure time. Dragnet, (the entire radio series,) The Shadow, CBS Mystery Theater, Boston Blackie, and many others are showcased on both Thursday night and Friday daytime.

These adventures are stunning in their theatricality. Watch them with your mind's eye.

   FRIDAY MORNING & AFTERNOON: Continuing adventures and mysteries. We often run marathon programming of the selected series. These marathon broadcasts are devoid of commercials and station breaks, (except where required by law.)

Often the original radio show presented a series of broadcasts that were loosely intertwined and carried over for several episodes.

On rare occasion episodes were serialized into two or more segments. This presented a real problem to the sponsors and they solved it with long, (and commercialized,) recaps of the previous episodes. In this way listeners would not feel lost and the sponsors got in an extra commercial or two.

This is your chance to listen to these segments  without having to wait a week in-between each one.


Sergeant Joe Friday, (originated by and featuring Jack Webb,) was perhaps the most popular of the radio detectives. Joe was a cop that would not survive in today's litigious environment. But then: times were different!

Just click on the player to bring back the most recognizable detective theme song ever written.

A few of these shows are remnants of the "pulp fiction era" of the 20's, 30's, and 40's.

The Shadow was a top seller during this era and made the transition to movies and radio with great success. On rare occasion we run The Shadow at night - especially during the Halloween season. It was a failure on television.


FRIDAY EVENING AND LATE NIGHT: Date night and party night provides us with an opportunity to bring the neighborhood such offerings as Superman, The War of the Worlds, FDR's 'DAY OF INFAMY' speech, and other late night entertainment.

Curl up on the couch and lower the lights. You can listen to and discuss the programs - or not.

Frequently we get requests for programming. We usually air these requests on Friday evenings. This is also the time that we feature local talent and neighborhood broadcasters. Bands, comedians, commentators, and others are welcome to submit MP3's for consideration of air time during this time slot.

SATURDAY MORNING & AFTERNOON: Some Classical Music, some Baroque Music, some Big Band Music, Your Hit Parade, G.I. Jive, and maybe a cowboy adventure or two: all could pop up on Saturday.

This is easy listening and includes some contemporary talk from NPR, CBC, PBS, and other low power stations.

SATERDAY EVENING AND LATE NIGHT: This is our time to showcase contemporary radio that still exists with the flavor and innovation of the golden age.

Our scheduling is subject to change. In fact it will change. As new shows are added to our catalog we will slot them in as they become available. Studios
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